Tuesday, June 5, 2012

bridal shower

I am off to a bridal shower. I am not a party person but my niece is a special woman and needs to be recognized for this. She lives in Florida and I found a book at the supermarket, Married Fifty Years, tips and quotes from couples who have been in the marital institution that length of time and I will bring that along.  I will not be listed in the book as a contributor.  If I could add all my relationships together I could easily do fifty years since I sometimes dated more than one fella at a time.  Hey, I was always upfront about all that, most of the time anyway.  Why have just one flavor of ice cream, I say.  I try to think of something profound and memorable to write inside the book's cover and all that comes to mind is "Marriage is like getting your teeth cleaned.  It's necessary yet vaguely uncomfortable."  I think I'm done talking on this topic.

On the way I listen to a radio talk show about the ancient Mayan prediction, the one that says the world will end on December 21, 2012.  I don't know about you but doesn't this put a whole different twist on the daily schedule?  Just how much time and effort do I want to put into Christmas shopping?  Is it okay to skip a few workouts in the weeks preceding?  Will the market bottom out on magazine renewals?  Can you see where I'm going with this?  I don't want any loose ends or unanswered emails when the planet explodes.

Once at the party I see a lot of my favorite foods and I invent reasons to keep passing the laden table to scoop up some dip with a carrot. At last my lovely niece makes her entrance and she is nervous. Who wouldn't be surrounded by all these yakking midwestern women looking her up and down and asking the same questions. She is gracious and patient with us all and I meet the fiance, definitely the best ice cream flavor on the list.

And I hope the Mayan prediction does not ring true.  My niece's wedding is before that fateful date so if it happens I still get one more walk on a Florida beach.  I want her to catalog her happinesses under many tabs and chapters and that capacity is available to her. She will figure it out.


AmySueRose said...

Man, I must be the black sheep heathen. Not invited. Thanks Sheri

AmySueRose said...
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dawn marie giegerich said...

Humility can be fun. You might want to try it.

AmySueRose said...

I get a dose of humility every time I go to work and let me tell you, it is not fun.