Friday, June 29, 2012

50 shades of same ol', same ol'

Okay, so I bought 50 Shades of Grey, don't judge me, I wouldn't judge you.  Not true, I would rather judge you than pull you out of an active volcano but you already knew that.

I had been reading reports that retailers were having trouble keeping this book on their shelves so when I saw it at Target with a 20% off sticker I felt incredulous because I got something other people missed.  It's an American kind of thing, our devotion to competitive shopping.  So I put it on the counter facedown of course and snuck it out of the store, sneak sneak.

It is a story concerning a virginal nincompoop and a wealthy tycoon with slutty grey eyes and his name is Grey and he entices her into his whitewalled cavern of a condo full of expensive art work and sterling silver plumbing.  His dirty little secret is in the lower chamber complete with whips and canes and shackles and what girl can resist that combination. And the lady does not protest upon discovery of the secret which I find confusing because virgins want nothing more than quick and simple, get it over with already, right of passage.  It takes awhile to build up to the kinky stuff.

I smelled a rat when the heroine kept using the words "double crap" because if you're a college graduate which she was and cannot say the word shit then you took the wrong classes. The plot stinks royally of Danielle Steele, Harlequin romance, soap opera mediocrity and characters that just can't convince me they could be real.  Grey refers to himself as the Dominator and the virgin as the Submissive and I tried skipping all that to get back to what might represent a plot but that was not to be.  Lordy, lordy no substance here.

No matter how soft the level of porn, it's porn and it sets us all back, men and women and we should be better than this and sadly we're not and the only convincing argument for porn that research provides and it's a poor one is it reduces the level of violence in prisons.
Submission invites cruelty and a victim objectified must be silent and can set no limits and it's a terrible thing when weakness inspires desire.
No wonder educated professional women are always in a bad mood.  And Gloria Steinem said, "I think we need to get much angrier." 

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