Saturday, January 12, 2013

rabbit hill

Bob and Tom have often said, "any man who sits around and watches afternoon television has no testicles."
I call this to your attention because Big Dave retired on December 14 and life as I know it came to a screeching, smoking halt.  The big guy has difficulty being alone and that means the TV is always on, always.

Rabbit Hill - Lyons, Colorado

Perhaps it is PTSD rearing its ugly head and the former soldier cannot handle obsessive 
thoughts taking over when the room gets too
quiet.  Or perhaps he needs more company and attention than his introvert spouse can provide and the box fills that need.

Or more than likely he has the attention span of a gnat and like small children watching Sesame Street he needs a new picture in front of him every 3.14 minutes.

I seek out noble and silent places. While my son lived in Colorado we would scale small mountains looking for those elusive places far above the loud and cranky civilization where only the wind and the hawk's call made their way to our ears. We would sit quietly and prayerfully in this chapel for only a short time until the big guy would ask, when are we going back down.

I grew up in a family where TV was not watched until after the dinner hour when chores were done and the day was spent.  My male relatives had no interest in sports except for my youngest brother and he was always considered a little odd. Anyone who dresses his entire family in Green Bay Packer clothing including the dog for the Christmas card picture owns that title.

Back then I watched Bonanza every Sunday night right after the Ed Sullivan show and could not decide which Cartwright boy I had a crush on that week. I needed nothing more for contentment than the occasional Suzy-Q cake roll and a copy of Sixteen magazine.

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