Wednesday, August 31, 2011

send in the clowns

Hoo-hah, my favorite sacrificial goat has surfaced again and this is as much fun as watching Sara Palin nosedive into the pool of political rhetoric, high heels and all.  Actually, there are lotta lotta similarities between the two, they could have been in the same Pilate's class and of course I'm talking about Michelle Bachmann, two n's.
In this new age some women candidates behave like men thinking this is what the voters want, a sheep in wolf's couture and I'm going to throw Hillary under the bus here. Any person who has or had a female boss trying to emanate male qualities in her supervisory tactics knows how cruel and relentless the bitch can be. Women acting like men come off as insanely fierce, perpetually PMS'd and screechy fishwifey.  Here lies the beauty of Sara and Michelle. They are girls who enjoy being girls and if this were the 40's they'd be straightening their nylon seams while cheering politely for Rosie the Rivoter. But they are subject to the rules of a contemporary political machine and in this campaign femininity is shoved rudely aside, as it should be.  It is still a man's world, it just is, don't kid yourself.  So I applaud women entering this arena, but not these two women, they are bringing Lucy Ricardo to this contest. 

 Consider this. The woman does have education.  She earned a law degree from Oral Roberts University and then one night across the supper table hubby said "Michelle, honey, I want you to go back to school and earn your master's degree in tax law." "Tax law?" she says, "I have no interest in tax law."  But then the clouds parted, the sun burst through and against a background of singing cherubim  Michelle realized that God was speaking  through her husband and she must and would submit.  That was the actual quote, the word was submit, she said it, we heard it and it was vilified by the press, passed over by the tea party enthusiasts because they were embarrassed.
 She did get the degree, and this amazes me as she keeps appearing in campaigning scenarios spouting all kinds of just plain stupid wordage. For all that time spent in classrooms the woman never did get the hang of common sense. 
And she's still insisting that Lion King is gay propaganda, whoo whoo, go Michelle.


Amy Giegerich said...

In regards to Hilary (whom I supported), I quote Vera Donavon (scary lady in movie Delores Claiborne): "Sometimes you have to be a high-ridining bitch to survive. Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold on to."

dawn marie giegerich said...

The woman is growing her hair out. It's four inches past her shoulders, is this a midlife crisis or what?