Friday, August 19, 2011

her highness, Michelle

I am not a political animal, I have neither the stomach nor the brains for that kind of activity.  I protested the Viet Nam war back in 1970 on an Iowa university campus and I may be in the background of some FBI helicopter snapshot looking for interlopers and communists on that same campus.
I have a friend who ended up in a Wisconsin hospital for Viet Nam vets with raving PSTD and he penned "Traitor Pig" across the framed picture of George W. Bush on the wall of the psych waiting room.  They quickly whisked him away to a little closet with bright lights and big guys in suits and skinny ties asked and asked the same crazy questions for three hours and they had photos of anti-Republican posters my friend had displayed on the front lawn of his little miners' cabin on West Third street some fifteen years ago. 

Bachmann, two n's, won the Republican straw poll in Ames, Iowa and Pawlenty came in third place and then  walked away.   He told the press he was disappointed because he thought he "would have made a good president."  Surely he should have more confidence on this subject but he did not and this is irrelevant as he has excused himself from the big boys' party.  Bachmann, a Palin spin-off, was the winner of said poll but she doesn't know enough to be President,  neither did Bush. I don't want a President who spends substantial time each day applying make-up.  When that red phone rings I want her to jump on it without reaching for the hair spray first.
I was at the front of the line when Obama took the stage, cheering and whistling and feeling like I  was thirteen years old and kissing a shiny Sixteen magazine picture of Paul McCartney.  Mob worship aside, we are disappointed, all of us die-hard Democrats, liberals waiting for the rich to melt away in the acid rain they supported.  We wanted to turn their mansions into homeless shelters, hospitals for AIDS victims, soup and salad kitchens for displaced veterans.

Obama has had the annoying pattern of soft compromising on every major issue thrown in his path. We wanted bold actions and crazy wild gambles. He's a pussy, a debutante in the field of serious players and history changers. On the other hand, he and with the help of his gracious and seriously classy wife, have gained us ground in the international circle.   A journalist whose name I cannot remember stated that if George Bush traveled abroad he would be arrested for war crimes in several and many countries.
On the other hand, if Barack bites the dust next November, could we hire Michelle and keep her on staff for international relations? This woman was born for royalty.


anothercountryheardfrom said...

I have serious reservations about anyone who claims Oprah as a good friend

Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy, your music gives you away. Gotcha!

MrDaveyGie said...

I'm confused, Amy is playing music on here? :-)