Sunday, September 26, 2010

Up North With the Loons and the Geese

Up in Minnie-soda Jane and I check out Prairie Home Companion with bigger than life Garrison Keillor and yes, we were able to buy tickets in line just as we had the year before. We have unbelievably good luck and the ticket sellers seem drawn to us. They want to make us happy and we are. This is actually the annual fall festival outside the theatre after the show and Garrison is directing the loon-calling contest. Later there will be a Charleston contest. The big guy hosts this event every year and the meatloaf dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and a
delightful milk powder biscuit woos me back every year. A truly fine meatloaf is a work of art.
Jane has an ongoing love affair with the SuperAmerica chains and their discount super soda deals. I ask her how many of the plastic glasses she owns, and she says, oh about 20. I know this to be incorrect as I count 28 on the counter including the two being used to dry the rubber gloves. Like all my friends, Jane is very creative about household tricks and fix-it ideas. I highly admire this trait in any human being. And after I count the glasses in the bag in the car it is over 40. But in her favor, she reuses the glasses and has not had to bring a new one into her home for quite some time. She does occasionally steal extra straws from McDonald's as they are much larger than the average bear, uh, straw. And that is the only character defect that the dear one has.

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