Monday, September 13, 2010

Mountain Men Don't Bathe Too Often

Funny story. Some years ago we traveled to Boulder to visit Jason and we arrived early at his house in Lyons. He was still at Fatty J's but we were able to get inside the home as the landlord was there fixing the septic tank which couldn't seem to stay fixed. Jason comes home, landlord leaves and Jason has an idea. His roommate, Scott, also a Dubuque native, is back in Iowa visiting family so, hey, why don't you guys stay here? Hem haw, hem haw. Dave would miss his TV sports as Jason's TV is covered by a decorative blanket and nobody is sure whether it works or not. I would miss an evening of swimming but we agree, on one condition. I would need to wash the roommate's sheets. It is early spring and the boys have not put up the screens yet and the windows are propped open with sticks. I hear a scream coming down from the mountain and it sounds like a woman in a lot of distress. I am informed that it is a bobcat and he sounds hungry. There is a pile of catnip on the bedroom floor that the pet cat had knocked over and it had been there for awhile and I wondered if the bobcat would be attracted to this and could he get through the window? Keep busy. I take the sheets from the bed and I find a moth, a large caterpillar and the roommate's boxers. The sheets get washed, we go to bed, and I find it pleasant to listen to the wind high up in the mountain, the trees swaying, and the crickets,
very large crickets chirping.

Dave gets up sometime in the night and uses the toilet and he cannot flush it. In the morning Jason is scooping buckets of water out of the creek and pouring them down the useless toilet. It has not helped that Dave has left a substantial deposit in that toilet. Now what do we do, how do we go to the bathroom, Dave is anxious. Jason points to the front door and I thought Dave would faint. This does not bother me as I have dated guys that live like this, but Dave is traumatized. He cannot get past the moment. Later I take a shower and need to use a wrench to turn a handleless faucet. As I soap myself I can look out the window inside the shower stall and down the lane at Jason's neighbor's place. They have peacocks that sometimes jump on his roof and clamber around.

Jason has returned to the very same house with the very same roommate and Scott is now married. Jason has lived in California, Idaho, Wyoming and spent half a year in South America since he returned to this room. With a woman in the house the place doesn't feel so overly male as before. There is a lot of land attached to this property and Scott needs it for his extensive VW collection. Some of tthe bugs are scattered in the fields overgrown with weeds and if the city can't see them they won't complain. Good plan, Scott. He and Mary Ann raise sunflowers in an adjacent field and sell them for $1 a blossom - hey, made a couple of grand this season. There is also a table of homegrown produce for sale. Scott also collects blue glass, raises bees and occasionally paints something around the house.

Surveying the neighborhood with a cuppa tea in a Christmas mug

Collections. Scott also buys doilies at garage sales.

A cabin heated by pot bellies


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MrDaveyGie said...

I really like this. I get to hear and see things I would have never known. Glad take a look a Jason's style. Very admirable.