Wednesday, April 18, 2012

so it's obama and romney

Now that we know the contestants let the games begin. Those moral lacking Republicans have finally decided on their figurehead and thank god it's not Perry.  All we needed was a creationist who denies adolescents cancer-killing vaccines to be let loose on Washington soil.

I wish we had a different system. Perhaps we could agree on a committee of scientists and grocery store baggers who would consider the candidates and provide a list of their favorite picks for the public ballot.  I know it's a bit spacey and unorganized and the theory could use some tweaking but at least Gingrich would never have made the cut, chubby self-absorbed boy that he is.

 My man was Obama since I first held his hand in a public school parking lot in June of 2008. Now he did hold my hand longer than necessary and I thought there might be some meaningful connection, a phone call later at least, but that was not to be. He was gone, in his navy blue work shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows and those wrinkleless jeans. He was knocking on doors and surprising the bejesus out of the rental property citizens in that semi-poor neighborhood.

I had a lot of hope with this guy and on some level I still do, but you know, jeesh, I wish he would have made some major crazyass changes, lightening bolt actions, wake up the multitudes kind of stuff.   He wasted time listening to fat cat bankers and business mogul gossips and hoping things would chug along by themselves and he could rest easy not needing to make a disruption. And now in the eleventh hour he is getting mouthy, telling the Supreme Court what their business should be and stating his hypothetical son would look like Trayvon Martin. What does Michelle think about that line of crap?

I'm feeling uneasy about the political shenanigans about to play on the November stage and I fear Romney will win because the liberal company has fallen asleep.  We lazy donkeys have been one step behind the situation, and I say let's blow this apathy to hell and back.  If I see Michelle in one more wussy powder blue dress I will upchuck and I genuinely worry about the present Democratic strategy demonstrating lots of limp dick policy.  Will someone save us, I need a superhero, but then that didn't work the first time.

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AmySueRose said...

Ron Paul. Seems to me he's the only who takes the constitution seriously. Me, well I will probably just "write in" a candidate. Can't decide, either Russell Means or Keith Richards, but then Keith is a Brit so than I vote for Russell.