Monday, September 5, 2011

it's their party and I'll cry if I want to

The Republican debates start Wednesday and it's any person's guess who will commit the best verbal blooper but my money is on that Bachmann woman, two n's or Cowboy Rick Perry.  Call me an education snob but we don't need another dumb, undereducated Texan in the White House,  I want an academic in that oval office. Let's review a few of the candidates and see what kinds of skeletons are inhabiting their conservative closets.

 Rick Perry took over the Texas governor position when George Bush became President. He is the longest running governor in Texan history and the second longest in national history, that title being won by Governor Terry Branstad in Iowa and don't even get me started on that one.

Rick graduated from Texas U with a 2.5 GPA and a degree in animal science although he did round out his curriculum by joining the cheerleader squad.  Here is a copy of his transcript and he earned a D in Economics, a C in U.S. History and only two A's in this time period, one of those in World Military Systems.  He owns a concealed handgun license and holds the record for the most vetoes (82) while in session.  234 executions were carried out in Texan prisons during his administration. He wants both creationism and evolution taught in schools but favors the former theory stating that, "God is how we got here."  He signed the Mandatory Ultrasound Bill that forces a pregnant woman needing an abortion to watch a sonogram of her fetus and listen to the heartbeat before the procedure can be done. He believes global warming is a lie created by scientists wanting  to pad their own pockets with funding monies acquired under this "falsely" reported condition.

Mitt Romney was named after a quarterback for the Chicago Bears in the 1920's and friend of Mitt's father, a man who protested the Viet Nam war.  Mitt is the governor of Massachusetts but he lost the 1994 Senate election to Ted Kennedy.  He and Ted are fast friends and Ted, whose passion is universal health coverage, was so impressed with Mitt's health reform law that he encouraged Democrats to approve it.  Mitt boosted the empty coffers of the 2002 Winter Olympics when he was president of that organization firing officials who were accepting  bribes.  History shows him to be a financial whip and he decreased the state budget by three billion dollars, uh huh, three billion. But a prez named Mitt?

A couple of days ago Michelle Bachmann stood up a group of Muslim constituents who had an appointment to meet with her and this is the second time the Muslims were turned away by said lady.  Michelle just shrugs those tailored shoulders but she has never missed a tea party rally or home schooling event.  Googling Michelle is like googling the Marx brothers with articles that are titled  "10 of the craziest things Michelle Bachmann has said" and "Michelle says the dumbest things."  And don't forget about her PhD psychology husband, yet not a certified psychologist, and the Christian counseling center they run where any willing homosexual can learn how to "pray away the gay."  I'm having fun, are you?

I kind of like Jon Huntsman.  He dropped out of high school to join a rock band and played keyboards for two songs with REO Speedwagon at the 2005 Utah state fair.  He did acquire an international politics college degree and Obama hired him to be Ambassador to China. While governor of Utah the state was named Best Managed State and won the prize for the Best State in which to do business. He is pro-life and pro-civil unions and he signed bills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming.  Call me crazy."  I call you acceptable, says this Democrat, except for that glitch at the 2008 Republican National Convention when he gave a nominating speech for Sarah Palin, a perfect example of temporary insanity.

And what about Sarah?  She has not indicated an interest in this race as of yet.  Perhaps her reminder post-it note on the fridge got lost in the clutter of dead moose pictures.


Amy Giegerich said...

Canada is looking better and better these days

Sally said...

I enjoyed reading this post! Don't we live in crazy times? Thanks again.

(Lorflor's Mom)

dawn marie giegerich said...

Thanks, Mom!