Sunday, July 3, 2011

goose poop AND Senator Franken, what a great weekend

It is time to leave Minnesota, the land of goose poop and Senator Saturday Night Live.  We actually saw Al Franken at the Pride parade, we love that guy. Those geese were hissing at me during my morning walk because I had the audacity to share the sidewalk with them for a few brief seconds.  I thought what now, last year a dog bite, this year beak indentations in my leg?

Jane and Jill come by hospitality naturally but I can't say the same for their two cats who stared me down until I got out of bed and then sniffed at my breakfast cereal. When will I find peace with the animal kingdom?
I used to have cats, I say, I used to have cats.

Lady Cricket

It was good to read a real newspaper and see a movie that wasn't produced by Walt Disney or Pixar, thanks, Jane, for the invite.

Sir Rugby

We are on our way back home and will rendezvous with Dave in the little Minnesota town of Harmony. I am lounging on a bench on the main street admiring the 19th century architecture when I see the man walking towards me.  Dave is wearing shiny turquoise athletic shorts, a green t-shirt that says: "Beer - Helping White Men Dance Better Since 1862," white tennis shoes and black work socks. And this is the reason I cannot stay away too long as my husband immediately will start taking giant strides towards becoming a dweeb. Wow, I tell him, you got here fast.  And he would have been even sooner if he hadn't been pulled over by a state trooper outside Garnavillo.  The cowboy passed a car at eighty miles per hour in a fifty-five mile speed zone.  A bit excessive, wouldn't you think, at least Officer Kevin thought so.
A piece of strawberry rhubarb pie and glass of milk at a local cafe help nurse away some of the pain.  The county will be $114 richer thanks to Dave's blunder and the law's observation.

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MrDaveyGie said...

dang radar......I think cats are simply lizards with hair...they shouldn't mingle with humans, always waiting, lurking, watching, studying us humans for the day they take over the planet...