Saturday, June 18, 2011

br-ring! br-ring! it's your tumor calling . . .

Whoa, that's strong stuff, but once again the headlines scream, "Cell Phones Cause Cancer!"  Lordy, we're going to visit that place again.

I didn't worry when the first reports of cell phone malignancy made the news.  It was years ago and I didn't have one of the trendy gadgets.  This time around I do but I don't use the darn thing much because I'm not a phone person.  The irritating tool is just a way of passing  information or receiving it and socialization is not its purpose for this kid. My calls are brief and then the little guy with the turquoise and magenta plaid cover, so fashionable, is tucked away in my backpack far from my ear.  One small observation is cited towards the end of the article.  "Of special concern are persons who use their phones as alarm clocks because the cells are near their heads all night exposing them to a greater amount of  'whatever it is that they're supposed to have.'"  Okay, I would be that person.  I keep a ticking time bomb near my brain when I sleep because I prefer to wake up to the tinkling notes from my cell and not a radio DJ's choice of tunes.

Take any medical issue today and odds are what they are reporting as unwholesome now will be undone next week, and then back again.  I wish these research people would double check their petri dishes, take  time to think and talk amongst themselves, and then finally after great deliberation send the material out to the publisher. Mr. Science need to slow things down before he gets us all overly excited.  Just a suggestion.
And then there's the fact that everybody from fourth grade up has a cell phone.  Wherever I am there is radiation piercing through my soft tissue from countless phones owned by people I don't know.  Think I'll just stay in the pool.

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